Shareholder Information and Notices

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page has details for obtaining more information about Schlumberger stock, and answers to many common questions.

Schlumberger Exchanges
Schlumberger common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, trading symbol SLB, and on the Paris, London, Amsterdam and the SIX Swiss Exchanges.

Explanation of IRS Form 8937
As part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, Congress enacted section 6045B of the Internal Revenue Code in order to assist taxpayers and the IRS in determining taxpayers’ basis in certain securities, including stock in a corporation, following certain transactions. Section 6045B, among other things, imposes certain information reporting requirements on issuers of stock in a corporation that undertakes “an organizational action which affects the basis” of such stock. One manner in which such an issuer can comply with these information reporting requirements is by posting IRS Form 8937 in a readily accessible format in an area of its primary public website dedicated to such purpose and keeping such return accessible for ten years to the public on such website.

It is possible that the acquisition of Cameron International Corporation by Schlumberger Holdings Corporation is subject to information reporting under section 6045B. Therefore, in an effort to comply with the information reporting requirements of section 6045B, we have decided to prepare Form 8937 and post a link thereto on the Frequently Asked Questions page of the Shareholder Services section of our investor relations website; such page may be accessed by clicking here.

Notice Regarding Fraudulent Offers of Securities
Schlumberger has become aware that some members of the public have received unsolicited telephone calls or correspondence concerning investment in debt or notes purportedly issued by Schlumberger or an entity related to Schlumberger, often claiming that the investments will pay above-market rates of interest.

These are typically from European or overseas "brokers" or "investment advisors" who target unsuspecting people, offering to sell them what often turn out to be non-existent, worthless or high risk securities. These operations are commonly known as "boiler rooms."

These "brokers" can be very persistent and extremely persuasive.

These types of brokers often state that they are acting on behalf of, or as agent of, the issuer of the purported securities. You should thoroughly investigate any security being offered to you, as well as the person offering to sell you the security, before you decide to make an investment. If you are the recipient of unsolicited investment opportunities and you feel pressured in any way, simply end the call. Investment in any such fraudulent offers is at your own risk.

History of Schlumberger Common Stock Splits

Split Record Date Type
First March 10, 1966 3 for 2
Second May 26, 1969 3 for 2
Third September 28, 1972 3 for 1
Fourth March 21, 1975 3 for 2
Fifth December 20, 1976 3 for 2
Sixth March 19, 1979 3 for 2
Seventh September 15, 1980 3 for 2
Eighth June 15, 1981 3 for 2
Ninth June 2, 1997 2 for 1
Tenth March 1, 2006 2 for 1

2 for 1 = One additional share for every share held
3 for 2 = One additional share for every two shares held
3 for 2 splits resulted in fractional shares. Cash was offered in lieu of fractional shares.
3 for 1 = Two additional shares for every share held

Information about commercial paper Notes
Schlumberger will not issue index-linked commercial paper Notes other than those indexed to usual money market indices and no index-linked Notes will be issued with formulas which could result in negative interest amounts or potentially variable principal payments.