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The Future is Open

The Future is Open

The SIS Global Forum 2019 heralded a new era of openness and widespread collaboration in the oil and gas industry. This three-day event included 12 plenary keynote presentations and a five-track leadership program featuring influential industry panelists discussing opportunities in an environment of digital and technological disruption. Key announcements during the Forum included:

  • the open sourcing of the DELFI* cognitive E&P environment data ecosystem and contribution to the Open Subsurface Data Universe Forum
  • introduction of four native applications in the DELFI environment:
    • ExplorePlan* accelerated exploration planning solutions
    • DrillOps* on-target well delivery solution
    • FDPlan* agile field development planning solution
    • ProdOps* tuned production operations solution
  • introduction of the Ora* intelligent wireline formation testing platform.
Hydraulic Fracturing Efficiencies

New Records in Hydraulic Fracturing Efficiencies

In the Permian Basin, Occidental and Schlumberger have worked together to establish a differentiated unconventional asset development program. Occidental built the Aventine facility, and integrated operations and logistics center in New Mexico, which is a key part of its strategies for leadership, innovation, and outperformance in the basin. As the exclusive provider for specific services, including fracturing and pumpdown perforating, Schlumberger built and operates a new base within Aventine.

Both companies are achieving record hydraulic fracturing efficiencies through collaborative optimization of workflows and new fit-for-basin technologies such as MonoFlex* dual-connection fracturing fluid delivery technology, Fractal* multistage stimulation perforating system, and others. As a result, OneStim® fleets have broken both companies' Permian records for stages per month four different times this year, with one fleet achieving 267 stages. Also, a fracturing fleet completed a two-well pad with an average of 20.2 hours of pumping time per day, and a single-day maximum of 21.8 hours. This is well above typical industry pumping times of 12 to 15 hours per day on comparable operations.

Parent-Child Well Interference Prevention

Parent-Child Well Interference Prevention

In the Permian Basin, OneStim® deployed a combination of technologies for Callon Petroleum to avoid parent-child well interference.

This included:

Using chemical tags to identify potential points of communication throughout the entirety of the well stimulation process and then the Broadband Shield service provided effective well-to-well transfer prevention, leading to minimal tag presence where deployed.


Enabling Dynamic Reservoir Characterization

The Ora* intelligent wireline formation testing platform is the first Schlumberger tool built on a cloud-native platform, combining software and hardware to deliver dynamic reservoir characterization in all conditions. The platform provides actionable insights for real-time decision making, enabling a new customer experience. The platform, which is rated to 200 degC [392 degF] and 35,000 psi, includes:

  • a new focused radial probe
  • a dual-inlet dual packer
  • laboratory-grade metrology
  • new measurements
  • the highest flow rate pump in the industry.

The digitally enabled hardware can automate complex workflows, reduce operating time by more than 50%, and deliver the highest precision fluid analysis and zero-contamination samples. Furthermore, deep transient testing is now possible on wireline.


Improving Well Drilling Performance

Developed as a fit-for-basin solution, the NeoSteer* at-bit steerable system (ABSS) improves horizontal well drilling performance by providing high-dogleg capability and an increased rate of penetration in the curve and the lateral.

NeoSteer ABSSs leverage digital technologies by combining:

  • the latest trajectory control algorithms
  • machine-learning
  • data-analytics

to provide our customers improved planning and execution performance. The NeoSteer system family is a game-changing technology for the industry in a new category of steering technologies. NeoSteer ABSSs have drilled a combined total of more than 2.6 million ft [792,480 m] during 250 runs in unconventional reservoirs in North America land and Argentina.


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