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Booking Oil Reserves

Offshore Angola, Wireline used formation-testing-while-tripping (FTWT) technology in an exploration well for Eni to reduce operating costs by $10 million, decreasing rig time by more than two weeks compared with standard drillstem testing (DST) operations. Technologies included the:

FTWT technology helped to confirm the presence of oil and estimate the reservoir's productivity index. The customer was able to confirm the reservoir and book additional oil reserves.


Avoiding Parent-Child Well Interference

In South Texas, OneStim® deployed a combination of technologies for Freedom Oil & Gas to avoid parent-child well interference. This included:

Additionally, Kinetix* reservoir-centric stimulation-to-production software was used to recommend the far field diverter design and optimize the completions schedule. Together these technologies enabled the operator to improve production targets for the completed wells and on future completions in this section.


Subsea Equipment and Services Master Contract

Chevron U.S.A. Inc. (Chevron) awarded OneSubsea® a 20-year subsea equipment and services master contract for subsea development projects in the Gulf of Mexico. Combining this master contract with a preapproved catalog of standard subsea equipment will enable Chevron to decrease operating costs in its subsea projects.

The provision of a OneSubsea custom catalog of equipment will also include innovative technologies that meet Chevron's project requirements, including high-temperature projects or high-pressure projects requiring equipment that can withstand up to 20,000 psi.


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