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Schlumberger continues to harness the power of the cloud to produce a step change in customer productivity and performance through our digital platforms, the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) solutions to create new insights from data, and operational optimization. 

Man looks at digital reservoir representation with thermal well data and three verticals.

Unlocking Data for the Industry Digital Transformation

Schlumberger and Equinor announced a strategic project, in collaboration with Microsoft®, to deploy the DELFI cognitive E&P environment with seamless integration to the OSDU™ Data Platform—the industry's new data standard. This is the first major deployment of the OSDU Data Platform, which will streamline strategy planning for Equinor. This project aims to accelerate Equinor's ability to integrate data at scale, and improve decision-making, and it will be embedded as a key part of Equinor's Microsoft Azure enterprise-wide data platform.

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Accelerating AI and IoT Adoption for the Energy Industry

Schlumberger launched the INNOVATION FACTORI, enabling customers to work directly with its global network of digital experts and data scientists to create artificial intelligence (AI) and digital solutions for all domains. Using accessible, advanced technology, customers can use INNOVATION FACTORI to accelerate the process of taking experimental concepts to enterprise-scale digital solutions. These solutions can be deployed on-premise, at the edge, or on the cloud—including open systems, such as the OSDU Data Platform—helping customers across the industry accelerate their digital transformation.

For more than a century, Schlumberger has developed and deployed innovative technology. Our technology solutions continue to enhance customer performance, support basin competitiveness, maximize asset value, and reduce carbon footprint.

xBolt G2 accelerated drilling service uses electromagnetic (EM) telemetry to delivers data at rates up four times faster than conventional methods.

Driving Drilling Outperformance in North America Land Basins

In the Delaware Basin, Schlumberger Well Construction technology enabled an operator to drill a curve and lateral totaling nearly 24,500 ft in a single run. One BHA comprising all Schlumberger technology—including PowerDrive Orbit G2 rotary steerable system and the xBolt G2 accelerated drilling service as a fit-for-basin solution—remotely drilled the 6.75-in curve and lateral in 6.5 days with Performance Live digitally connected service. Drilling efficiency saved the operator an average of 5 days of rig time per well and as much as 12 days of rig time on an individual well.


OptiPAC openhole Alternate Path gravel-pack services can be used with a viscosified polymer-based fluid or one of several polymer-free viscoelastic surfactant gravel-pack fluids.

Maximizing Production and Increasing Ultimate Recovery

Offshore North West Shelf Australia, the Woodside operated Julimar JV with partner KUFPEC recently used Schlumberger technology to maximize production. In two wells, the Schlumberger OptiPAC XL extended-length Alternate Path gravel-pack screen and high-temperature fluid system were implemented to ensure complete packing of the horizontal intervals with downhole temperatures up to 140 degC—a world record for OptiPAC openhole Alternate Path gravel-pack services. Zonal isolation was achieved with a mechanical packer and completed two producing zones and one non-pay zone in a single pumping operation—reducing the number of wells required and increasing ultimate recovery.

Mark of ExxonMobil Corp.; technology licensed exclusively to Schlumberger.

Offshore and subsea drilling operations with onshore production and storage facilities.

Leading the Industry Toward All-Electric Production Systems

In the first quarter, OneSubsea® built the first all-electric manifold for the BP Trinidad and Tobago LLC Matapal gas project being developed off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago. The combination of a block valve manifold design and standard interfacing drop-in-place electric actuators created a simple solution that also demonstrated optimizations during the manufacturing and testing process. This is a major milestone in the Schlumberger and bp electric technology roadmaps. We continue to develop more sustainable ways of producing hydrocarbons, and electric systems are key to supporting our customers on their net-zero goals. The first all-electric manifold is scheduled to arrive in Trinidad in the second quarter of 2021, with installation expected in the second half of the year.

Low-emissions technology graphical representation overlaid a landscape with mountain.

Reducing Fugitive Methane Emissions with API- and ISO-Certified Valve Technology

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Schlumberger develops and deploys technologies that help our customers reduce their environmental impacts. Our portfolio of low-emission valves includes technology that meets global emissions standards over their full life cycle. These technologies can make a significant reduction in the emissions associated with oil and gas operations, benefiting not only the companies within the industry but—more importantly—people and communities worldwide. We will continue to support industry emission reduction through technology development and collaboration as we drive toward a more sustainable industry together.


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