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Schlumberger is innovating and deploying technology and digital solutions that are helping to build a more efficient and sustainable industry that delivers higher value and lower carbon.

Skid with the Schlumberger CO<sub>2</sub> capture solution CYNARA system

Separating and Capturing More Than 200 Megatons of CO2 with 99.5% Uptime

In West Texas, a Schlumberger CO2 capture technology—the CYNARA acid gas removal membrane system—has enabled the separation of more than 200 megatons of CO2 from natural gas for Kinder Morgan, one of the largest midstream operators in North America. Kinder Morgan's SACROC facility is the world's first commercial CO2 plant for enhanced oil recovery applications, in which CO2 is captured for reinjection into producing reservoirs, avoiding gas flaring and vented emissions. The CYNARA system has a proprietary membrane design with the most efficient surface area in the market, which is critical for scaling CO2 separation and capture. This provides higher efficiency CO2 separation without chemicals, reducing cost and environmental impact, while delivering a track record of 99.5% uptime throughout more than 35 years of facility operations.

Illustration of Ora intelligent wireline formation testing platform

Reducing Flaring and Accelerating Time to First Production

In Russia, Schlumberger helped Rosneft accelerate time to first production by applying a world-first combination of Ora intelligent wireline formation testing platform sampling and deep transient testing services on wireline with surface testing. This fit-for-basin approach enabled the Rosneft team to effectively and efficiently test multizone reservoirs in remote fields, avoiding more than 7,104 metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions and reducing operational time while gathering data to guide faster field development. This new reservoir testing approach incorporating the Ora platform enables earlier gas production by reducing exploration well construction time and optimizing the field appraisal life cycle.

Schlumberger continues to win major contracts based on integrating our leading technologies and services supporting increased efficiency while improving asset performance, sustainably.

GeoSphere HD

Multiwell Integrated Development Optimizing Well Placement in Real-Time Offshore

In Norway, Equinor ASA awarded Schlumberger an integrated contract for up to 23 wells in its Breidablikk development in the North Sea. Schlumberger will supply drilling services, well construction fluids, cementing, electric wireline logging, and completions. Due to the complexity of the reservoir and Equinor's focus on maximizing the potential of people and assets, the project will implement digital well planning, automation, and advanced remote operations. In addition, a cloud-enabled 3D workflow—developed jointly with Equinor using data from the GeoSphere HD reservoir mapping-while-drilling service—will be used to optimize well placement in real time. The contract also includes 18 PhaseWatcher subsea multiphase flowmeters from OneSubsea®, with an option for eight additional units. Work will commence in the spring of 2022.


Schlumberger drilling engineer holding a tablet wearing full PPE standing in front of a drilling run with a sunset and digital representations of data overlaying the image

Integrated Solution Secures Contract Award to Deliver 96 new wells in Southern Iraq

In Iraq, Schlumberger was awarded a contract, valued at USD 480 million, to drill 96 wells in southern Iraq for ExxonMobil, which operates the giant West Qurna 1 Field owned by Basra Oil Company. Building on a track record of integrated well construction performance in Iraq, Schlumberger will drill these wells over a period of 4.5 years, with well designs varying from laterals exceeding 2,000 m, upsized big-bore wells, and barefoot completions. In addition to vast project management experience and state-of-the-art technologies, Schlumberger digital capabilities will further enhance overall project execution, supporting operational safety and optimized drilling efficiency.

The recovery is driving increased activity across the E&P value chain, including offshore, where Schlumberger is being chosen as the partner with the broadest scope and deepest capability.

Illustration of subsea production systems planning with digital renderings of subsea floor and equipment placement

Subsea Equipment and Service Award in the Deepwater Buzios Field Builds on In-Country Value

Petrobras awarded OneSubsea an engineering, procurement, construction, and installation (EPCI) contract, valued at more than USD 180 million, for the provision of subsea production systems equipment and associated services for four development phases of the deepwater Buzios Field offshore Brazil. The project scope includes 21 fit-for-purpose vertical subsea trees, controls systems, and seven subsea power distribution units, as well as installation, commissioning, and services for the life of field. The project will be supported by the OneSubsea Brazil Center of Excellence for Subsea Production Systems (SPS), which will drive in-country value across both equipment and service scopes. Located in the pre-salt area of the Santos Basin, Buzios is one of world's largest deepwater oil fields.

Schlumberger continues to invest in and deploy cutting-edge technology into the field, where customers are benefitting from differentiated performance.

Offshore drilling rig with digital representations of data above the water

Deploying New Fiber-Optic Technology to Deliver Higher Quality Data and Substantial Savings

In Indonesia, Schlumberger used fiber-optic distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technology for the first time in the country, acquiring high-quality seismic data while saving 20 hours of deepwater rig time for Eni. Using the unique, high-strength fiber-optic wireline conveyance, Eni was able to eliminate the need for a standalone seismic descent by acquiring vertical seismic profile data during the petrophysics logging run. In addition, fiber optic technology acquired high-frequency data across the reservoir section, delivering a higher resolution image while improving efficiency compared to a conventional seismic solution. These results provide a higher level of reservoir definition and improve field appraisal and development plans.

Schlumberger digital solutions are enabling the evolution of industry operations. Customers are advancing their digital transformations and adopting solutions that drive operational efficiency and performance.

Schlumberger employee reviewing drilling data on his desktop monitor in an office setting

Optimizing Drilling and Completions Operations with Real-Time Drilling Data Visualization

Qatar Petroleum (QP) awarded Schlumberger a three-year contract for the provision of digital real-time drilling optimization services. Under the contract, real-time drilling data will be sent from the rig site to QP's state-of-the-art real-time operations center, where drilling optimization specialists will visualize drilling data in real time and automate QP's drilling and completions using the latest Schlumberger technology, including the Techlog wellbore software platform. This project is a key milestone in QP's Intelligent Oil Field program, which aims to increase production while reducing costs.


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