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Integrated Services Management Optimizes Drilling Time

In the Bulgarian sector of the Black Sea, Schlumberger Integrated Services Management (ISM) enabled Total E&P Bulgaria to drill its first deepwater exploration well. This project included:

  • ISM management of eight product lines
  • ISM management of more than 100 personnel
  • Close collaboration between ISM and the Total E&P Bulgaria team

The ISM team identified drilling optimization opportunities that yielded significant results during on-bottom drilling operations. (Image: Courtesy Noble Corporation)

Integrated Drilling Services Decreases Operation Time

In Russia, Integrated Drilling Services (IDS) decreased operation time by 103 days in three extended reach wells for Rosneft-Sakhalinmorneftegaz on Sakhalin Island. The technologies used included:

  • GeoSphere* reservoir mapping-while-drilling service to reveal subsurface-bedding and fluid contact details more than 100 ft from the wellbore
  • PowerDrive Xceed* ruggedized rotary steerable systems to optimize directional drilling

In addition, cumulative production for these three wells in 2016 was 47% higher than initially expected.

Reducing Drilling Time

In West Texas, Schlumberger enabled Parsley Energy to reduce the average days required to drill a well by 17% in the Midland and Delaware basins. The drilling technologies used included:

The reduced drilling time is based on drilling 80 wells during the past 12 months and is compared with the previous year. In addition, the customer reduced the average total drilling cost per lateral foot by 30%. (Image: Courtesy University of Texas Libraries)

Integrated Production Services

In South Texas, Integrated Production Services (IPS) enabled Lonestar Resources to produce up to 86% more hydrocarbon per 1,000 ft of lateral in 18 wells in the Eagle Ford Shale. This included use of the following technologies:

The results, which are compared with offset wells in two other fields, stem from IPS optimizing drilling, stimulation, and completion plans across long laterals.

Increasing Oil Production

In Iraq, Schlumberger increased oil production by 3,000 bbl/d for BP Iraq N.V. in a carbonate reservoir in the Rumaila field. This was the result of increasing water injectivity to 4,600 bbl/d by using:

  • CoilFLATE* coiled tubing through-tubing inflatable packer
  • ACTive PTC* CT real-time pressure, temperature, and casing collar locator tool

These technologies selectively stimulated zones with low permeability.

Capital-Efficient Solutions from OneSubsea

In North America, BP awarded OneSubsea an engineering, production, and construction (EPC) contract to supply the subsea production system for the Mad Dog 2 development in the Gulf of Mexico. OneSubsea capital-efficient solutions includes:

In addition, Subsea 7, which collaborates with OneSubsea through the Subsea Integration Alliance, was awarded an engineering, procurement, construction, and installation (EPCI) contract for subsea controls, flexible risers, pipeline systems, umbilicals and associated subsea architecture.

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