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Super Laterals in Utica Shale Play

In Ohio, Schlumberger used PowerDrive Orbit* rotary steerable system for Eclipse Resources to drill 18 super laterals in the Utica Shale Play. Key aspects of these operations include:

  • average lateral length of 18,715 ft
  • average rate of penetration of 171 ft/h
  • new drilling record for longest lateral of 20,632 ft
  • new drilling record for longest total horizontal well depth of 30,493.

The PowerDrive Orbit system was combined with customized Smith PDC bits to achieve these results.

Increased Oil Production in the Permian

In West Texas, OneStimSM used ShalePrime* rock-fluid diagnostic service in a Wolfcamp Formation well for Manti Tarka Permian to increase oil production by 70% and reduce stimulation cost by 25%. These operations used:

  • an integrated workflow to model the reservoir and optimize the completion strategy
  • a workflow based on the Kinetix Shale* reservoir-centric stimulation-to-production software by applying it to an existing horizontal well to engineer an optimal perforation, completion, and stimulation design.

Furthermore, the ShalePrime service was used to improve fracture cleanup and maximize production.

Subsea Integration Alliance in the Gulf of Mexico

Fieldwood Energy awarded a contract to the Subsea Integration Alliance—a global partnership between Subsea 7 and OneSubsea™—for the deepwater Katmai Field development in the US Gulf of Mexico Green Canyon 40 Block. This supplier-led integrated subsea development solution combines:

  • OneSubsea subsea production systems
  • Subsea 7 subsea umbilicals, risers, and flowlines systems (SURF) expertise.

The OneSubsea scope includes provision of three production trees—with options for additional units—connectors, valves, topside controls, flying leads, and umbilical termination assemblies.

Technology for Unconventional Resources

New technologies for unconventional resources include:

These technologies deliver drilling efficiencies, improve well integrity, and enhance productivity.

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