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Managed Pressure Drilling Award

The Cameron Group received a purchase order valued at $6.7 million from Seadrill for an integrated riser joint for its third managed pressure drilling (MPD) system delivered by Schlumberger.

An integrated riser joint enables effective riser gas handling and MPD operations in a modular, flexible design, providing real-time operational adaptability.

Integrated Drilling Services

In Norway, Integrated Drilling Services (IDS) and Wintershall Norge increased meterage drilled per day by 225% over a five-well campaign in the Brage field, delivering each well ahead of schedule and under budget.

Key defining features of this accomplishment include:

  • Overcoming operational well construction challenges that led to a one-year halt in drilling operations before the new drilling campaign began
  • Collaboration between IDS and Wintershall Norge to develop a lean-well approach based on an incentive-based contract

Due to this success, the lifetime of the field has been extended.

World’s Longest Extended-Reach Well

In Russia, Schlumberger was one of the key service providers that worked with the Sakhalin-1 Consortium to drill the world’s longest extended-reach well of 15,000 m. Drilled from the Orlan platform at Chayvo field in the Sea of Okhotsk, this well:

  • included team members from 10 Schlumberger product lines
  • required two years of collaborative planning due to the technically challenging environment
  • used a drilling plan that was integrated with other critical services by the Sakhalin-based Extended-Reach Drilling Center of Excellence

Schlumberger worked closely with the Sakhalin-1 Consortium to optimize the drilling plan and service delivery.

Increasing Production in a Variety of Well Conditions

Offshore Russia, Well Services used OpenPath Reach* extended-contact stimulation service for LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft to increase the injectivity index in two horizontal wells in the Korchagina field. For both wells:

  • the injectivity index increased by an average of 300% compared with previous production levels
  • horizontal sections pass through conventional sandstone and carbonate formations, posing stimulation and permeability challenges

In addition, the VDA* viscoelastic diverting fluid diverted the treatment fluid into lower injectivity carbonate zones, maximizing reservoir contact and optimizing stimulation of both wells.

Reducing Water Cut

In Kuwait, Well Services used AllSeal* water and gas conformance service for Kuwait Oil Company to increase oil production in a well by 900 bbl/d in the Khashman field. The AllSeal service injected particulate gel into the water zone to isolate it. When the new interval had been perforated:

  • water cut decreased by 90%
  • oil production increased by 300%

This well was originally producing at 96% water cut. The initial solution was to remove the pump, isolate the water zone, and perforate a new interval, which would have required a workover rig on location.

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